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Join the MUVment

Join the MUVment & Download the BrochureMeaningful Use Vanguard

Health care clinicians who have made the successful transition to EHRs and are using their system as a clinical management tool have an opportunity to participate in a national movement called the Meaningful Use Vanguard (MUV).

What is the MUV program?

  • MUVers (members of the MUV program) are an exclusive group of champions of EHR adoption and meaningful use that serve as local leaders, advisors and role models in the move toward an electronically-enabled health care system.
  • MUVers are specifically recognized by eHealthDC, an independent non-profit organization designated by the HHS Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for HIT as having the experience and capacity necessary to assist health care clinicians with modernizing their practices with certified EHRs.

MUVers are at the forefront of EHR implementation and meaningful use, and will encourage other clinicians to join the MUVment!

Who are MUVers?

MUVers are health care clinicians who meet the following criteria:

  • Made the transition to paperless systems
  • Have had success using EHRs in patient care
  • Experienced with data exchange, e.g., e-prescribing, lab reports
  • Proficient in more advanced EHR applications such as population health management
  • Interested and willing to share experiences, help peers and educate patients on EHRs

Being a MUVer has its benefits!

What’s does being a MUVer mean for physicians and other clinicians?

  • Gain well-deserved recognition by patients, referring clinicians, payers, colleagues, staff for being a leader in the most dramatic transformation of our health care system in decades
  • Get access to an exclusive online community of EHR leaders to collaborate, participate and advance knowledge
  • Join a conversation on related topics with other MUVers regionally and nationally
  • Be an advisor to eHealthDC and the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for HIT on testing of new tools and materials
  • Give feedback on meaningful use and other policy developments

What are my roles & responsibilities as a MUVer?

First and foremost, the MUVers program serves to recognize, honor and thank clinicians for being early EHR leaders in the medical community.

While there are no mandatory requirements to be a MUVer, the suggested opportunities and responsibilities are:

  • Share experiences and best practices to help clinicians considering the transition to EHRs
  • Provide case study material for educational purposes
  • Be a speaker or spokesperson as part of eHealthDC’s efforts to educate health professionals and patients
  • Provide feedback and counsel to eHealthDC on a range of topics, tools and materials:
  • Identify areas for clinician and patient education
  • Evaluate EHR implementation and meaningful use tools
  • Pilot test new EHR applications
  • Advise on EHR gaps and needs in the clinical setting

Join eHealthDC as a trusted advisor in HIT

  • eHealthDC is a support center making the implementation or upgrade of EHRs easier for clinicians throughout the entire process.  Ultimately, our aim is to help increase quality of care for patients, overall productivity, and improve clinician quality of work/life balance through the meaningful use of EHR systems.
  • eHealthDC is:
  • An independent, non-profit organization, providing technical assistance, guidance, and information on best practices to support and accelerate clinicians’ efforts to become meaningful users of certified EHR technology
  • Made up of a team of experienced local HIT professionals with intimate knowledge of the District’s medical community
  • Offers clinicians a combination of national insight and local expertise on the impact of EHRs in medical practice
  • Part of a national network of regional extension centers with direct, rapid and reliable access to a pipeline of key information on HIT and meaningful EHR use
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