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EHR Vendor Evaluation, Selection, and Contracting

eHealthDC is your advocate during vendor selection.  Our guidance and resources help you make informed, smart choices.

EHR Vendor ComparisoneHealthDC is working with AmericanEHR Partners (www.americanehr.com) to implement a streamlined vendor information collection and due diligence process for District of Columbia providers receiving services from eHealthDC. AmericanEHR Partners will maintain EHR vendor product, services, and pricing information for all complete EHR vendor solutions certified by an ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB).

Services and Tools Include:

  • Criteria & Prioritization
  • Vendor Questionnaires
  • Vendor Demo Scenarios
  • Evaluation Tools
  • Reference Check Questionnaires
  • Contracting Guidelines
  • Contract Checklist
  • Group purchasing agreements

eHealthDC also gives you access the American College of Physicians’ AmericanEHR Partners platform to review, compare, and rate certified EHR vendors:

  • EHR Vendor Directory
  • Vendor Comparisons
  • Ratings
  • Electronic RFI
  • Training and Webinars

You will also have access to bulk purchasing agreements with certain EHR vendors through our Vendor Affiliate Program.  Your practice will receive pre-negotiated best pricing and contract terms as part of your membership with the regional extension center.

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