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EHR Selection Support

eHealthDC will work with any provider working towards Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology and supports:

• Providers with EHRs who are working to meet Meaningful Use criteria; and
• Providers without EHRs who are working to adopt and implement a new system.

Joining eHealthDC gives you access to:

• Negotiated EHR Licenses and Services Pricing, Service Level Agreements, and Contracts with Pre-screened EHR vendors;
• Meaningful Use Readiness Assessment and Gap Analysis;
• Medicaid and Medicare Incentive Eligibility Assessment; and
• Consultation with EHR and Meaningful Use Subject Matter Experts.

eHealthDC Technical Assistance Services are divided into three categories:

Adoption – Our team will offer guidance as you choose a vendor and will provide you with cost-benefit analysis and Meaningful Use education.
Implementation – Once you have selected a vendor, our team will assist you with workspace optimization and project management and provide you with go-live and information technology support.
Optimization – Our goal is to help you move beyond the basics so that you can use your EHR system to its fullest potential.   Our optimization services include everything from community forums to loan programs, to lab interfaces and to immunization registry integration.

Our methodology breaks down the complex path of practice transformation through health IT into manageable steps for achieving Meaningful Use:

Our Methodology

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